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We create the following types of resumes so you can showcase your talents:

  • Goal Oriented: For Individuals in the sales force, operations managers, or talent that is required to meet objectives.

  • Results Oriented: For managers, directors, executives, leadership positions, whereas employers' hire based on previously proven results.

  • Chronological: The most common and practical RESUME. This type of resume is mainly used to demonstrate upward mobility and diversity of job experience.

  • Professional Looking: For supervisory and managerial positions.

  • Elegant: For Professional positions, executives, CEO, CFO, COO.

  • Creative: For individuals in the arts, graphic design, singers, painters, sculptors. The goal is to showcase creativity and innovation.

  • Technology Driven: For individuals in the information technology, software developers, engineers, and technology fields.

  • Law Enforcement: For upward motion in the law enforcement field. Display training, experience, awards, and honors.

  • Former Military: Clearly state any experience that is applicable to the civilian workforce, and properly cite your military experience.

  • Recent College Graduates: For individuals that just graduated from either college or high school and have no experience in the field of study.

  • FEDERAL JOBS:  Federal Jobs are somewhat different from the rest of the civilian workforce. Federal jobs require much more information pertaining to each job performed. Federal Resumes must include rank, supervisor's name, telephone, salary FLSA status, as well as a thorough description of the job responsibilities.

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Your cover letter should include a professional and courteous opening sentence outlining your job goals, a summary of your skills and abilities, and a strong closure sentence.