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Resume Packages

1) Simple recent graduate.

All for $65.00

2) You provide the information through a simple questionnaire. We write the resume on a formal template.

All for $75.00

3) Don't want to write? No problem. I will ask you the questions, you describe in chronological order your jobs and skills. We will write the entirety of your resume.

All for $85.00

4) Resumes for graphic designers, artists, art creators, singers, dancers, and people in the artistic field have a different rate. 

We provide the artistic template for your resume so you skills can shine OR you provide

a sample of your creation, we will include in the resume with an artistic touch.

We will professionally include samples of your work, portfolio, pictures, drawings, templates, patents, maps, blueprints to differentiate you from other applicants.

These resumes start at $120.00

Choose the option that is best for you.

Custom created Cover Letter to match your resume, add $15.00


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