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After many, many years of sorting through thousands of resumes, find below some recommendations that I would like to give you:

  1. Use action verbs at the beginning of a sentence.
  2. Formulate complete sentences, starting with a specific action verb.
  3. Check your spelling and punctuation (be aware of spell check, not always correct).
  4. Chronological resumes are easier to follow and understand by recruiters.
  5. Do not repeat the same information.
  6. Do include all achievements, awards, volunteer service, and specific training in a field.
  7. Choose an easy to understand font.
  8. Choose at least 12 font, for easy reading.
  9. Your contact information should be easy to identify, do not hide contact information among resume.
  10. Contact information, should have a much bigger font than the rest of the resume.
  11. Remember recruiters will not hassle with your resume if contact information is not readily visible.
  12. Choose an e mail that is simple and professional such as first initial, last name @
  13. Do not choose an e mail that is unprofessional such as, or
  14. PDF formats are not able to be edited by mistake, word formats can easily be edited by mistake. Choose a pdf format, unless specifically requested by employer.
  15. Use a phone number with a professional voice mail. NEVER with a kids recording, or a joke. Your kids voice is beautiful to you, but NOT to a busy recruiter trying to fill 100 positions.
  16. Always include e mail, phone number and a alternate phone number.
  17. Information should be organized: Keep a Pattern. 

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